Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodbye 6600

I lost my phone on Friday. Don't ask me how cause I don't know how. Don't ask me where cause I don't know where. One person even asked me "Why?"! - Just don't!

This is the second phone I've lost in five years. I have owned 7 mobile phones my whole life. I've only lost two and both of them were the exact same model - Nokia 6600. I think its time for a change. :o) So many questions now! What model? Camera or no camera? Flip or slide or neither? I know I will try my hardest to stay faithful to Nokia. I still don't think any other brand is as user-friendly but I have many people trying to convince me to try something new. Do I dare?

I've been "phone-less" since Friday night. Its now Monday. This is officially the longest I've been without my mobile phone. At first, I felt quite handicapped. Like I had lost an arm or a leg. I even imagined I heard the SMS tone once or twice. (In this analogy, I guess that must be the equivalent thing to the phantom limb itch.)

Anyways, I kept thinking about who must be desperately trying to message me and who must be trying ever so hard to call me! But let's face it - I'm not THAT popular. I'm sure most of my friends haven't even realized I'm not reachable. I quickly calmed down after that reality check.

Then something strange happened quite suddenly Saturday night. I strangely felt quite free. I can't explain it, but I felt lighter. Almost like I had one less burden to bear. Who would have thought! People kept asking me when I was going to get a replacement SIM. Honestly, I don't even have the urge to do that in a rush. I feel liberated!

Amazingly enough, another good thing came out of this whole tragedy. Obviously when I lost my phone I also lost all my phone numbers. So I just logged in to my email and sent a general email out to everyone asking for their phone numbers. Since Saturday morning, I've been getting emails from friends I haven't communicated with in years! I guess I have their email IDs because of Facebook and/or Orkut but I'm not even sure I had their numbers to begin with! And now we're emailing back and forth like we never lost touch in the first place! It's all quite exciting!

Does all this mean I have to start believing in the silver lining? Hmmm...

Don't get me wrong though - I still feel very sad about losing my phone. I was officially in mourning for about 48 hours but I guess its about time I moved on. I can now tie myself to my next phone, whichever one its going to be, and not feel guilty.

While I am looking forward to being "burdened" again very soon, for now I am just enjoying the moment.

P.S - Thank you Bungi for "announcing" my blog on yours!

P.P.S - To all the two people who read my blog - thank you for your emails!


Anju said...

Get a Samsung! they're hot!
I wish India had decent flip phones.

Aw, you are popular. I admit I didn't know you had lost your phone cos you happened to lose it during the weekend when you're usually too busy to check in anyway.

I should get rid of my phone too. Only my mother calls me.

Marsha said...

See! You didn't know I had lost my phone either! :(

And "only my mother calls me" it seems!!!! Miss Popularity! Invited to the hottest parties, out every evening with friends. Aren't you officially a socialite now?

And no Samsung! It's gonna be Nokia. Thompson's trying to convince me to wait for the 3G i-phone, but I'm not too sure I'm interested.

Anju said...

I am so not a socialite! do you see me in social magazines or even that stupid party buzz page in the paper? am I draped in what is supposed to be a dress and hanging off some rich who's who and kissing the air around some similar looking person's cheek? I have failed all "socialite" criteria.
I am officially someone who only gets calls from her mother.

oh oh you should get the HTC phone!!

Marsha said...

HTC? Amazon reviews are not that great... wat do you think about the Motorazr V3? Should I consider that?

Bungi said...

If you are not too eager about the camera, i would recommend Nokia E50. Value for money. No flip. No slide. No mess. What you see is what you get sort of phone.

That's the one i've got.

Marsha said...

Will consider it for sure... For now, am gonna use a spare phone that was lying around thompson's parent's place... a Nokia 2100... primitive & boring... let's see wat happens... :) maybe i'll end up using this for a while...

Bungi said...

Linked you again in my blog... Well, this post just fell in line with what i was already writing about... Hope you don't mind. *grin*

Warren said...

Followed over from Bungi's blog..
definitely a silver lining! Kind of a 'forced' reconnection.

I know I would have a hard time coping without my phone for a few days....

Marsha said...

@ bungi - i dont mind at all! :o)

@ warren - It really was a forced reconnection and I appreciate the silver lining! I still miss my phone though. :)

Kiran Sawhney said...

yes not having a mobile does make u feel liberated. I deliberately forget mine at home or switch it off for some time. it is a headache.
Nokia sucks. Motorolla has sturdier software and better after sale service.
I am waiting for Iphone.
Sometime do stop by my blog too.

Marsha said...

@ Kiran - I so have to disagree with on this! Nokia is superior imho. Maybe you are more comfortable with Motorola. Besides, no one i know has had a good experience with Motorola. So i'll stick to Nokia. But thank you!!